Welcome to the bustling, ever-ticking Free City of Zobeck! Some 80 years ago, the Revolt led to the death or exile of the former ruling House Stross and the imprisonment and impoverishment of many of its followers and sycophants, making the Free City one of the few places not answering to a Feudal Lord. The aristrocracy raged against the Revolt, but surrounding nations decided an independent Zobeck might prove very useful and supported the small city-state. An unspoken agreement made it plain that so long as Zobeck remained neutral in the affairs of its “betters” its neighbors would allow it to live on sufferance. This was their great mistake. While its neighbors kept to their own affairs and paid the city little mind, Zobeck’s industrious citizens forged themselves and their community from the chaos of civil revolt. In a few years, the merchants, arcanists, and followers of Rava the Gear Goddess built their sleepy backwater river town into a nation with clout far beyond its borders. Zobeck has blossomed in a mere eight decades into a mercantile powerhouse know across the world for its gearforged and mastery of clockwork technology.

Shadows Over Zobeck

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